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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy statement explains how East Software collects and uses personal data in applications (including web apps and mobile apps) developed for East Software itself or for its clients.

We may change this policy from time to time. It was last updated on 24th September 2017.

Mobile apps, web apps, and web services

If the app requires you to log in in order to use it, then when you install the app it will ask you for your email address. We use this information to identify you within the app and its supporting back-end systems. Some apps may also ask you for your name, and maybe your phone number. We use your name to personalise communications that the app or its supporting systems may send to you, such as notifications, support, and marketing.

If the app communicates with a back-end server to deliver services to you, some details of that communication are logged on the server to help us understand and fix any problem that may arise. These details may include your app-specific username and some general technical details of your device or browser such as device type, operating system type and operating system version. Other than your username, we do not log any information that identifies either you personally or your device.

Our mobile apps include a technical support feature that helps us understand and fix any problems you may have in the app. When a problem occurs, the app may give you an option to send an email to us. This email includes technical details about the problem, your app-specific username or ID, and some technical details of your device such as device type, operating system type and operating system version. The app may send us the same information in the background as a backup procedure in case the email fails.

Credit card payments

Our apps may offer services and subscriptions that you can pay for with your credit card. We use one or more fully PCI DSS-compliant third-party credit card payment gateways to process your payment. Your credit card details are sent direct from your browser or mobile device to the payment gateway, and do not enter our system. That is, we never see or store your credit card details.


Our web apps use cookies to identify you after you've logged in.

Where your data is stored

Generally your data is stored in data centres located in New South Wales. We have offices in Australia and the Philippines, and so your data may be accessed from those locations to provide our services to you and to give you technical and administrative support.