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Our Methodology

Once you’ve given us the go–ahead to start on your project, we’ll get down to the hands–on stuff. The duration of the project will depend on its complexity, but generally all projects follow a pattern such as this.

  • First we build upon the draft design that we worked up during the proposal phase, getting deeper into the details. Then we start programming the software. We lay out the main program screens and make a start on the features that we expect to be the most difficult.
  • Shortly afterwards we’ll visit you to demonstrate a prototype of your system. This version won’t be functional but it will illustrate the general form of the system, giving you a feel for how the software will work once it’s finished. We’ll take this opportunity to get your feedback and to adjust the direction of our development to make sure that the software will do what you need.
  • Then comes the busiest part of the project. Here we complete the programming and conduct our internal testing. We’ll need to chat with you from time to time to clarify details of your business processes and so on. At the end of this stage we’ll deliver the system to you.
  • At this point we’ve already tested the system in our lab, but you should conduct your own testing too. We’ll help you prepare for your testing, and of course we’re very keen to hear of any problems so that we can fix them for you.
  • Once you’ve completed your testing the system is ready to start its working life in your business. At this stage we’ll submit our final invoice to you, but it’s not quite over just yet. As the system beds down into your day–to–day business we’ll keep an eye on it to make sure that it’s working correctly.

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