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Case Studies

Demand Planning

for a distribution company
Demand Planning

Automated demand forecasting, inventory planning and supply ordering.

Our client and his team spent three days each month calculating their sales forecasts and stock orders. We gave them a custom software system that calculates the numbers automatically in just a few hours.

They now spend their time deriving business intelligence from the numbers, and devising new strategies to improve them.

Online Marketplace

for a transport company
Online Marketplace

Customers post jobs to have goods moved, and transport providers bid to do the work.

The marketplace integrates with online auction sites; processes credit card payments; and communicates with customers and providers by SMS and email.

Training Records

for a compliance office
Training Records

A system to help the compliance office of a large company manage their training records.

To schedule a training event our customer creates a meeting appointment in Microsoft Outlook. The system automatically invites people based on their job function and whether they’ve attended this course recently.

After the training event has run, our customer goes into Outlook and marks off people who attended.

Performance Management

for a sales organisation
Performance Management

A performance management system for a sales force of 400 representatives.

The sales director defines sales targets for each product in each sales territory. The sales manager loads actual monthly sales results and the system automatically calculates a score based on the sales–versus–target percentage and the product’s importance.

Sales managers and representatives manage their performance objectives collaboratively within the system. At the end of the year the managers assign scores to the representatives’ objectives.

The system automatically calculates an overall score for each employee, based on their sales and objectives results, and this overall score determines the employee’s performance bonus payment.

Nutrition Monitoring

for aged care facilities
Nutrition Monitoring

A system to monitor the nutrition of residents and patients in nursing homes and hospitals.

The nursing staff record their patients’ weights in the system. Using a scientific formula developed by a nutrition expert and licensed to our customer, the system combines weight changes with a few other indicators such as appetite loss to identify patients who may be at risk of malnutrition.

Investment Fund Reconciliation

for an investment fund manager
Investment Fund Reconciliation

Our customer gathers market data from several sources and reconciles discrepancies to calculate a coherent portfolio valuation. This was an extremely laborious process, in some cases taking a whole week of boring and error–prone visual inspection.

With our custom software, the fund manager now pushes a button and lets the software do the hard work.

Health & Safety

for a hotel management company
Health and Safety

An online Health & Safety audit system.

Our customer manages several hotel chains throughout the Asia Pacific region. As part of their insurance and regulatory regime the hotels need to keep on top of health and safety issues.

Custom Printing

for a law firm
Custom Printing

A custom printing feature to simplify complex printing options.

Our customer uses many types of paper stock, in printers with varying features such as double–sided printing, stapling, and so on. We gave them a custom tab in Microsoft Word to organise the options into a set of standardized profiles.

Google AdWords

for an online retailer

Our client runs Google AdWords ads for high–turnover retail products. When a customer clicks on the ad, our client pays Google for that click. These products are often out of stock for short periods, and when that happens the customer can’t buy the item. But our client still has to pay Google for the click.

We built an app that communicates with our client’s inventory system and auomatically suspends ads for products whose stock levels are below a certain threshold, and resumes ads when new stock arrives. No more paying for ads that can’t lead to a sale.

Practice Management

for a progressive law firm

Our client uses a practice management system in the cloud. We extended the system to create supporting documents automatically whenever a lawyer creates a new matter.

Customer Service

for a credit card company

Our client is a credit card company, with complex plans available to their customers, and complex internal customer service processes. As our client’s plans evolve over time, they need to ensure that existing customers continue to receive the service they signed up for.

Data Collection

for a nationwide brokerage

Our client is a broker that deals with businesses all over the country. Their agents visit their clients and conduct various surveys and assessments. We automated these surveys in a custom mobile app, to collect the data on–site and produce business documents automatically.