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About Us

East Software is a small company located in Sydney, where the sun always shines and everything seems possible.

We’ve been building custom software for our business customers since 2006.

Many of our customers come back to us for new projects, or to add new features to current projects. This way we develop a deeper and broader relationship with our customer, and we find that as we learn more about their business we can provide more rounded and complementary software systems to support them.

We like getting to know our customers better, and of course we love meeting new customers too.

How We See Our Customers

We see every customer as a small business. It’s true that many of our customers are large corporates, but even then we still usually deal with one or two people in a particular team or department.

A team or department often operates within the organisation very much the same way as a small business operates. They have similar frustrations, constraints and aspirations; similar budget concerns; similar relationships with their own customers; and similar problems.

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East Software is a registered business name of Amadan Technologies Pty Ltd. ABN 27 119 262 672